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Business Development Executives Training

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Business Development Executives Training

Business development Training are an important part of preparing the next generation of global general managers. As the global business environment becomes increasingly complex, the demand for quality business development education has risen. Research and innovation have helped provide greater insights, better tools and, overall, more sophisticated Training design. ABHIMAAN, one of the India Top Business Development Executives Training provider business schools, leads the way with some of the most effective executive education anywhere. Here, Abhimaan offers some insights into what gets results in business development Training.

Innovative Business Development Executives Training follow the maxim that you learn better by doing than by seeing. Do you think a business Training means a lecturer talking in front of a class while students scribble notes? Of Training, some parts of the Training may be taught that way, but business educators today have so much more at their disposal. The Best Business Development Training in Delhi by ABHIMAAN let participants get their hands dirty and live through the entire experience, rather than just accumulate textbook knowledge. Some examples of innovative learning methods include:

  • Discovery expeditions - hands-on experience of critical global issues
  • Job-specific project work - for relevance and immediate return
  • Leadership and executive coaching
  • Team-based programs for organizations to use as launch pads to for strategic goals


Business development professionals help companies build strategic partnerships with other companies and increase revenue. The goals of Business Development Executives may vary depending on the sector and employer. However, nearly all Business Development Executives lead initiatives that touch upon strategic planning, marketing and sales. Some also work closely with engineers or provide technical knowledge during business planning. Similar to sales professionals, business development managers generate leads, manage customer and partner relationships and close deals.

A business development executive needs to be proficient in numerous areas to be an asset by our Training from ABHIMAAN Candidate will get all about it. Our Training enhance the soft and hard skills for your Industrial Experience, because you get a chance to go more in-depth regarding your experiences by our Training in teams of best objective. This list contains a few relevant objective skills for business development executives: 

  • Ability to develop and implement marketing strategies based on current trends
  • Capable of evaluating financial aspects of a strategy
  • Teamwork prowess to work in conjunction with promotion and advertising managers
  • Prowess with enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software
  • Superb interpersonal skills
  • Excellent track record with revenue targets and client accounts
  • Able to communicate complex concepts to subordinates, peers, and supervisors
  • Make informed decisions based on analyzed data
  • Willing to take initiative and lead projects
  • SaaS industry experience
  • Travelling exposure


Career Booster (Certificate Training)
Duration: 1 Month

Career Pro (Diploma Training)
Duration: 3 Months

Career Advance (Professional Training)
Duration: 6 Months 

Fee Detail



Business Development is a sales role. Typically companies will apply a loftier title to a Development new comer person so that they can work with higher echelon people in client organizations, like VPs and their executives, Therefore here at ABHIMAAN we provide the Best Business Development Executives Training in New Delhi. For the most of the part, it requires tenacity and the ability to pick yourself up after getting our Training which is created like Top Business Development Executives Training Pattern. 

The benefits of a Business Development role are that you can expand your network through your client relationships and get insight into their business processes. You may have to travel which means you may get to visit interesting places. Make the most of those trips when you do. You will learn to think on your feet when you are put on the spot to answer difficult questions. If you become good at this, it can be really exciting. Financially, the Business Development role is typically where you can directly affect your bottom line if you are on a commission based structure. By signing bigger, better contracts you make more money. Look for positions where you get a long term comm, over the life of part thereof of the contract.  All in all, if you enjoy sales and meeting people, then this is the right role for you. Like many jobs, you get out what you put in from the Best Teaching support by ABHIMAAN. Some of our major benifits mentioned below:-

It provides basic understanding  in technical areas

Building up a specific technical expertise is a challenge many early career professionals face. Working in business development can be an effective way to break this chicken-or-the-egg scenario. When you work on a proposal, typically a four-six-week effort, you are expected to quickly become an expert in the subject area. The pressure-cooker environment of proposal work requires you to dive deep to understand the latest innovations, newest technologies and best practice approaches to specific issues. Working alongside senior technical experts, who may have the expertise but need your guidance on how to package it into a compelling proposal, provides an opportunity to learn from the best.

You will work closely with leadership and senior experts

Working closely with the leadership of an organization not only provides an opportunity to learn from the brightest but also an opportunity to get noticed by those making hiring and career advancement decisions. Its not uncommon for business development professionals to move more quickly up an organizations ranks when they impress their superiors with their work ethic, creative solutions or ability to tackle a challenging project.

Its a valuable skill that will be marketable for the rest of your career

Employers highly value business development experience because it is so critical to their organizations livelihood. Its rare for someone to work with an implementing development organization and never have to work on a proposal. Even if you later pursue a project management or technical role, you will undoubtedly need to get involved in business development in some capacity. Already having some exposure will make you a more competitive candidate for many different types of jobs.

Positions can be less competitive, with higher salaries

Perhaps because it is not what most people envision when pursuing a career in international development, business development roles often receive fewer applications than program-focused roles at the same career level.
Business development is one of the more measurable roles when it comes to impact on an organization. It is easier to prove your value when you can show you helped bring in, for example, $10 million in funding. As a result, salaries in this function tend to be one of the highest paying in the sector. While most people do not choose a career in international development to make a big wage, if this is an important criteria to you to say, pay off student loans, it is something to consider when weighing career options.

It can open up a wide range of future career options

Starting a career in business development does not mean you have to spend the entirety of your career in this role, although you certainly can. Business development can be a springboard to many different roles in international development work. The exposure to many technical areas, visibility of working alongside senior staff, and marketability of business development skills means these positions can open doors to a wide range of opportunities.Its not uncommon for an organization to move someone from their business development team to the project start-up team when they win a project. After all, they will be more intimately acquainted with the program more than anyone. Working on proposals is a demanding and often stressful role. Many employers reward those who put in their time by helping them transition to other areas of the company rather than lose them to burnout.If you happen to be someone who thrives in this role, there are opportunities at all stages of your career to advance to the highest levels of an organization.


The Business Development Executive will focus on customer acquisition, lead generation, and prospect management, as this role will garner and meet with potential clients.The Business Development Executive will research client business referrals, network, and web leads; provide prospective customers/clients with all services offered and additional presentations as needed; and work with clients to create solutions for their needs and consult throughout the sales process. Must be energetic, well-spoken, and eager to close sales and increase revenue.

Business Development Executive Duties and Responsibilities

  • Identifying, qualifying, and securing business opportunities; coordinating business generation activities; developing customized targeted sales strategies
  • Building business relationships with current and potential clients
  • Understanding client needs and offering solutions and support; answering potential client questions and follow-up call questions; responding to client requests for proposals (RFPs)
  • Collaborating with sales and leadership to secure, retain, and grow accounts
  • Creating informative presentations; presenting and delivering information to potential clients at client meetings, industry exhibits, trade shows, and conferences
  • Creating and maintaining a list/database of prospect clients; maintaining database (Salesforce, CRM, Excel, etc.) of prospective client information
  • Cold calling; making multiple outbound calls to potential clients; closing sales and working with client through closing process
  • Meeting all quotas for cold, active, inactive calls, appointments, and interviews; meeting or exceeding annual sales goals.
  • Maintaining a pipeline of all sales administration using CRM software
  • Collaborating with management on sales goals, planning, and forecasting; maintaining short and long-term business development plans  

The job opportunities and functions within the organization for Business Development Executive 

  • Examples of Business Development Executive responsibilities
  • Oversee the sales process to attract new clients.
  • Work with senior team members to identify and manage risks.
  • Maintain fruitful relationships with clients and address their needs effectively.
  • Research and identify new market opportunities.
  • Prepare and deliver pitches to potential investors.
  • Foster a collaborative environment within the organization.

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