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Business Communication Skills Training

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Business Communication Skills Training

This Business Communication Skills Training is for anyone who wants to compete successfully in today's global workplace. We offer this Training at a range of levels from  intermediate to advanced.

We use an Best business English Training books and formats, focusing on spoken fluency to improve the grammar, vocabulary and professional communication skills required to advance confidently in your career. Our highly qualified teachers ensure that you develop skills that are required in meetings, e-mail and report writing, in negotiations and on the telephone.
Strong business communication skills are essential tools for career development. With professional business communication skills, you can develop business connections, gain trust, and impress your boss or colleagues. This Training at ABHIMAAN range as a Best Training in business communication, is designed to get you closer to mastering the most important communication skills, from professional writing to business presentations.

This Training will help you develop and improve your English communication skills at your workplace. You will:
  • Learn how to write smart business correspondence in English.
  • Develop communication skills for a range or business situations - meetings and interviews.
  • Enhance your conversation skills on the telephone. 
  • Polish and perfect your presentation skills.
  • Study specialist vocabulary and business terminology. 
  • Use English grammar more accurately at workplace.
  • Receive a Business Communication Skills certificate.

ABHIMAAN offers the below programs that are tailored according to the individual needs that cater to these demands. Be it training on the telephone or the presentations, our programs are geared up to offer the Best in communicative business skills.

The modules available are:
  • Email writing
  • Presentation Skills
  • Voice quality
  • Negotiating
  • Telephoning Skills
  • Socializing across cultures
  • Managing Successful meetings


Todays workplaces in the 21st century require employees who can communicate effectively in a range of challenging circumstances. The basic objective of our Training is to offers you critical knowledge about the complexities of modern communication in organisations. You will have the opportunity to develop and practice their verbal, non verbal, written and digital communication techniques in a range of simulated workplace situations as well as through ABHIMAAN. These skills will be particularly relevant for you as they transition to the world of work and advance in their careers.

Objectives and Learning Outcomes by our Training

On completion of this Training you will have developed the following capabilities:
  • Using persuasive and professional language in speech and writing
  • Conducting effective business research and communicating the process and findings in a range of business documents and oral presentations
  • Planning and managing a business project and communications strategy
  • Demonstrating advanced interpersonal communication, business etiquette and relationship building skills
  • communicating effectively across cultures and to a range of different business audiences (managers, clients, customers, colleagues)
  • Utilising constructive negotiation and conflict management skills
  • Embedding ethical considerations in all communication modes
The learning outcomes of this Training comprise:
  • The effective use of various types of oral, written and digital communication modes geared to a range of business audiences
  • The planning, research, management and communication of a project for a business
  • High level team work and analysis of team process
  • The employment of effective techniques to resolve conflict and negotiate in a business setting
  • The articulation of the acquisition of the above skills in an individual skills audit and professional development plan for transition-to-work and career progression purposes


Career Booster (Certificate Training)
Duration: 1 Month

Career Pro (Diploma Training)
Duration: 3 Months

Career Advance (Professional Training)
Duration: 6 Months 

Fee Detail



Learning activities will be predominantly experiential in nature with opportunities to apply and practice effective communication skills and techniques in a range of different business contexts. The learning activities will be business project-based with a mix of individual work and team work and will include workshops, practical exercises, simulations and field work. You will have the opportunity to receive feedback from their peers, academics and industry as well as give feedback to others. They will also be afforded opportunities to reflect on their own advancement and skills development.

Overview of Training Benefits
The Benefits of Training may include:

  • Written exercises and projects
  • Oral presentations and demonstrations
  • Feedback from academics, peers and/or industry
  • Self reflection and professional development
  • Competencies and Skills Required
  • Will be able to possess strong customer service skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Will get good negotiation skills
  • Will be able to create good presentations
  • Will be able to get excellent interpersonal skills
  • Will be able to get detail oriented and an active listener
  • Ability to work under pressure


Short of breathing, the one activity that humans engage in the most is communication. In a business scenario, communication not only helps us share our thoughts but is essential in getting our work done and becoming more successful. By ABHIMAAN Best Business Communication Skills Training you get a world-class exposure of study area.

In a business scenario, communication includes written letters, summaries, and emails. Clear communication skills are needed for impactful oral presentations in front of an audience. Even everyday practices like participating in meetings and managing interpersonal communication are key to achieving long and short-term business goals.

Learn to deliver clear, concise, and convincing messaging to advance ideas, build consensus, and resolve conflict. By earning this professional graduate certificate, you can sharpen your communication skills, build your confidence, and gain an advantage in the workplace to lear from Leading Top Business Communication Skills Training in Delhi.

This Training will help you improve these communications skills by exploring the inherent challenges and providing techniques to help overcome hurdles.

Opportunity to learn
  • How communication works and why it is important
  • The barriers, challenges, and frameworks of business communication
  • Methods for speaking and presenting with confidence
  • How to share views in a professional setting 
  • Techniques for writing crisp and professional business documents
  • How to interact in one-on-one or group meetings

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